Samtalen er tilbage: Nyskabende dansk gådespil kan kun spilles parvis


Hvis du synes, din telefon har forvandlet sig til et hypnose-apparat, hvor du bruger al din tid på at scrolle og INGEN tid på at TALE MED NOGEN, så har jeg det perfekte tip, der vender komplet op og ned på balancen:

Prøv det nye, danske spil Tick Tock: A Tale for Two – et nytænkende gådespil, som kun kan løses, hvis man spiller sammen med en anden. Og taler sammen hele vejen. 🗝

Min anmeldelse er i Weekendavisen frisk-fra-tryk i dag. Side 14 i Kultur-sektionen – og lige her online: Samtalespil

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two er af den dansk-svenske duo Other Tales og ude nu.


Tick Tock: A Tale for Two by the Copenhagen-based developer duo Other Tales is a puzzle game with an innovative twist: It takes two people (& lots of conversation) to solve the puzzles. My review is out today (google translate this) –> : Conversation Game

If you think your phone has turned into an internet scrolling device instead of an apparatus used for actual conversations (like back in the day), this is a perfect game for you.

“The game’s focus on puzzle-solving-with-a-partner adds a remarkable intensity to my reading of my surroundings. Someone is at the other end of the phone, struggling, and might need JUST the tiny clue I may have overlooked! At one point, we are stuck in a basement, and I have been wandering back and forth on the floor for quite some time, and I’m almost starting to hallucinate solutions. Maybe I need to place the dirty glasses and the dusty jars on the shelves in some specific order? I rearrange them. Maybe I can extract some kind of color code from their exact positions? Or wait. Does the number of leaves on the potted plant in the living room hold any significance?”

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